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About Us

Pioneers of online-training, GRRAS is a one-of-its-kind training institute that is dedicated to making training accessible to learning enthusiasts in every corner of the world. We at GRRAS, believe that learning empowers thereby we make it our mission to impart training that guarantees success and satisfaction in the field of IT. Our success story lies in the fact that even though we started as a very humble beginning, we never compromised on our quality standards, and thus, GRRAS, has now established itself in five major metros and is a proud partner with Red Hat (Linux), the global Tech Giant which helps us deliver bespoke and successful online training modules. Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, has honoured us thrice for our unfaltering dedication and achievements in the field of IT Training. But we strongly believe that our greatest award comes from the trust and satisfaction from our clients, which has been bestowed upon us abundantly. This undying faith has led us to spread our wings into the international market through our well established online training programs. We aim to be the dream merchants aiding your dreams to take flight with us with both speed and accuracy which are the cornerstones of success in today’s ever evolving Tech Savvy world.

GRRAS brought its vision to life when it launched Online Training in 2010 a feat by itself. A unique cost effective concept allowing keen learners to join us for tailor-made IT training from the comfort of their homes, saving precious time and money in travel. We offer a varied range of Online training programs headed by a live instructor with all benefits of in-person training. Our world-class certified trainers further helped us bust the stigma around Online Training as it proved at-par and in some cases a superior form of learning vis-a-vis classroom training, as it ensures dedicated time and attention at one-third the cost.

We have spearheaded an online training revolution in India and abroad thereby providing the necessary upgrade on technology, learning from the comfort of one’s offices without having to compromise on work schedules. Our Online one to one Instructor led live training sessions are very flexible and customised to meet the needs of students. We ensure you the exact same material that we deliver in our traditional classroom environment. The combination of a strong curriculum, robust labs from GRRAS experts delivers the practical and applied knowledge you need to advance your Red Hat Linux administration and Cisco skills and prepare for hands-on certification exams.

Our relationship with Training is that of wick and wax, both incomplete without the other, but the combination capable of pushing the darkness of ignorance away to enlighten the whole world. We stand for dedication and devotion to our mission.

Experience one to one instructor led online training Program at Grras
Training Methodology
Get trained online any time from any place you desired with Grras Solutions

Online Training Methodology

We use web conferencing software for our live online class. Upon registration, you will be sent an e-mail containing schedule & URL to join the class. You just need to click on the URL at scheduled date and time and you’ll be in the class in no time.

Training Contents & Interaction

The content will be multimedia training content with Power Point presentations complete with animations, transitions, Flash, 3D objects, and streaming video depending on the course and session requirements.There will also be the feature of sharing documents, demonstrating software, and sketching ideas on a whiteboard in real time. Creating data and annotating on the fly will also be available to all participants in the class.

Integrated Telephony through VoIP

Voice is integrated in our web conferencing software. You will be able to hear the instructor through your computer integrated speakers/ headsets and will be able to talk using the microphone


System Requirements

Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 SP4, XP SP2, 2003 R2, or Vista

Intel x86 (Pentium 400MHZ +) or compatible processor

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 1.5 or higher,

Mozilla 1.7 or higher, or Netscape 8.1 or higher

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled

Recommend ActiveX be enabled for Internet Explorer

128K or faster Internet connection

Mac OS 10.3 or 10.4 (Intel or PowerPC processor)


Kernel: 2.4.21 or above

X Lib: X11R6 or above compatible

C++ Lib: libstdc++ 5

Desktop Environment: XFce 4.0 or above, KDE, Ximian, Gnome

GDK/GTK+ version: 2.0 or above

Glib: 2.0 or above

Sun Java 1.5 or above

OSS Interface (for Audio)

Firefox 1.5 or higher or Mozilla 1.7 or higher

JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled

56K or faster Internet connection


Get access to labs on live servers anytime you like on our online training Program

Try before you buy

If you would like to join a class to experience the actual look and feel, get in touch with us. We will either arrange a special class for you or invite you to join one of our ongoing classes. And yes, that will be a no obligation arrangement.

Referral Reward

If you like our training join our referral reward program. Refer your friends and colleagues to us. If they join our course, you earn a referral reward as a token of appreciation. Typically this reward will be 10% of course fee, but it may vary for some of the courses. You’ll need to have a paypal account to receive the reward.


Payment Methods

make online payment through PayPal
Login to paypal > Enter details for
payment > Make payment
make easy payment of the online training course through WESTERN UNION
Go to nearest WUMT > Submit details for
payment > Make payment

Ravi Sarswat
A-26, 27 Singh Bhoomi, Khatipura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Contact No. +91 90019-97175

You can deposit online training fee via net banking
You can also deposit via net banking

Bank Name – HDFC
Branch – Tonk Road, Jaipur
Account Name – GRRAS Linux Training and Development Center
Account No. – 06442020001414