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This training is ideal for those who want a Puppet jumpstart. Newer members at an organization already using Puppet, or experienced system admins wanting to bring Puppet into their team will get everything they need to deploy solutions. Whether you're a system administrator, a developer who needs to fix servers from time to time, or just someone who's annoyed at how long it takes to set up a new laptop, you'll have come across the kind of problems that Puppet is designed to solve. Once you have completed our online training course, you will be fully capable of managing IT infrastructure and systems using Puppet code and generating reports and analyses of systems using Puppet.

Course Content

    I) what is Puppet?

    • The Puppet language
    • Preparing for Puppet
    • Installing Puppet
    • Puppet Configurations Files

    II) Puppet learning resources

    • Resource types
    • Language and syntax
    • Facts and Style
    • Writing Manifests
    • Modules and code
    • Environment
    • Factor

    III) Expressions and Logic

    • Conditionals
    • Expressions
    • Regular expressions
    • Arrays

    IV) Definitions and Classes

    • Definitions
    • Passing parameters to definitions
    • Optional parameters
    • Classes
    • Defining classes
    • Putting classes inside modules
    • Declaring classes
    • Using class inheritance
    • What's the difference between a class and a definition?

    V) Tasks and templates

    • Running commands with exec resources
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Distributing files
    • Using templates

    VI) Separating Data from Code

    • Introducing Hiera
    • Creating HieraBackends
    • Configuring Hiera
    • Doing Hiera Lookups in a Manifest
    • Testing Hiera Lookups

    VII) Reporting and troubleshooting

    • Reporting
    • Debug output
    • Monitoring
    • Errors

    VIII) Managing Puppet with Git

    • Managing your manifests with Git
Pre Requisite

Basic working knowledge of networks and common computer hardware; no software knowledge is needed
Attendees should have at least the equivalent experience of a junior Unix/Linux administrator.

Required Exam


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Duration 3 weeks 1 week

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