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Need of Linux Certification, according to the Linux Foundation and tech job companies, nearly all hiring managers are looking to recruit Linux professionals." While programmers and Linux system administrators are in high demand, your chances of landing a great job are greater if you have cloud, security, and/or software defined networking skills.

In particular, "42 percent of hiring managers say experience with or knowledge of OpenStack and Cloud Stack are having a big impact on their Linux hiring decisions" while "49 percent of Linux professionals believe open cloud will be the biggest growth area for Linux. Having a certification on your resume can be a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Companies often look at certification in making hiring decisions, but it’s not the sole factor. If a hiring manager looking at my pile of resumes, He is not going to be able to interview everybody. He may not even be able to do a phone screen with everybody. So they have got to sort that pile. Certification is a useful way to sort the pile—provided the recruiter believes in the certification.

Certification is actually most helpful to those on the active hunt for a job. A lot of the interviewing team is not necessarily going to have a way to measure your expertise. Having the certification gives you some evidence that you’ve gone that extra step and you really do know what you’re talking about.

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There’s a segment of employers who see no value at all in certification, while at the other end of the spectrum, companies such as consultancies and hosting companies often want all their IT pros certified. They see a strategic value in certification because they can charge more by touting that, according to Randy Russell, director of certification for Red Hat.

In the middle, companies differ in the value they place on certification. Doing some research with job ads can not only shed light on the Linux jobs in your area, but also the importance companies place on certification.

Linux certification may help open doors here and there - and sometimes are basic requirements to be considered for positions. But more often than not, I hear clients say that if [the candidate] can’t do the job, the cert is useless. So all certs should be backed up with the appropriate level of expertise.

So, if you are seeking a job, it’s the right time to get yourself certified by the best in the Training Industry. Enroll or for queries feel free to contact us any time.

Remember, only sound technical knowledge is not enough, to get the right job, one has to be backed with certification that guarantee a job.

Good Luck!